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WeCharge Network Airdrop

earn up to 1500 WCHT tokens with an estimated value of 15 USD for completing some easy social media tasks such as joining WeCharge Network official Telegram Group, join their Telegram Channel, follow them on Twitter, retweet their Tweet, like their Facebook page, share their Facebook post and submit your details on their official Telegram bot for further verification. 
You can also earn an additional 500 WCHT tokens with an estimated value of 5 USD for each of your referrals. To be eligible for the WeCharge Network airdrop reward you must complete all of their listed social media tasks and submit your details on their official Telegram bot.
Complete All the Tasks to get 1500 WCHT Token ($15)

– Chat with WeCharge Network Airdrop Bot: https://t.me/WeChargen_bot

– Click on ‘Start’: Pass Captcha and press on ‘Check’ button

– Click on ‘Tasks’: do tasks

– Join WeCharge Network Telegram group and channel then send Your Telegram username: 

– Like WeCharge Network Facebook page and share this post then send Your Facebook profile link to Bot

– Follow WeCharge Network Twitter account and retweet this tweet then send Your Twitter username to Bot

– Change Your Telegram profile picture with WeCharge Network logo and change Your Telegram last name with @WCHT (Optional)

– Subscribe our Partners YouTube Channel (optional 100 WCHT)
– Then press on ‘Yes, I Complete’ and send Your ERC20 (ETH) wallet address to Bot

– Click on ‘Balance’ to check Your WCHT Token balance. You will receive 1500 WCHT Tokens free  $15 after Airdrop ends

Referral Rewards Of WeCharge Network Airdrop
– Click on ‘Invite’ to get Your referral link
– Receive extra 500 WCHT Tokens free $5 per referral

More about WeCharge Network WCHT tokens

WeCharge Network is an online cryptocurrency to Recharge your mobile phone by pay with WCHT token on their ecosystem.

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