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TNC IT Group is now airdropping 10,000,000 TNC tokens to their community members. 10,000 airdrop participants will get 1000 TNC tokens ($265)each! To join the airdrop simply follow the instruction below.

A Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Make sure that you are following ALL of TNC’s official accounts in these platforms:
           - Telegram 
           - Facebook 
           - Linkedin 
            - Twitter 
            - Instagram 
            - YouTube
2. Enter the profile links you have used to follow each TNC account.
3. You must have the Aladdin Pro wallet on your device. Download from the Google Play or iOS App stores.
4. After successful registration on the Aladdin Pro, click the checkbox beside “Download Aladdin Pro wallet” on the TNC airdrop form.
5. Enter your Registered Aladdin Pro Wallet Email in the form.

How to Get Your TNC Group Token Wallet Address
1. Open your Aladdin Pro wallet and click the Settings icon on the upper right.
2. Click “Manage Tokens” and type “TNC Group Token” on the search bar.
3. Click it to include the token on your Aladdin Pro wallet dashboard.
4. Go back to your wallet dashboard and click TNC Group Token.
5. Click on the ‘Receive’ button and copy your wallet address on the top.
6. Copy and paste your TNC Token Wallet Address on the form.

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More about TNC TOKEN

The TNC Coin project is a blockchain infrastructure that offers high scalability and robust security engineered in the games and the e-sport industry. Their key features are: - Proof-of-Play Consensus - Highly-Scalable Network - Asset Immutability - Secure Gaming

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