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Today we have another incredible and commendable airdrop for our airdrop trackers to guarantee because of Lung Protocol (L2P) venture where our airdrop trackers can win up to 2,111 L2P tokens with an expected estimation of 21 USD for finishing some simple online networking errands, for example, joining Lung Protocol official Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, tail them on Twitter, as and retweet their nailed tweet to Twitter, tail them on Medium, similar to their Facebook page and present your subtleties on their official Telegram bot for additional check. You can likewise procure an extra 500 L2P tokens with an expected estimation of 5 USD for every one of your referrals. To be qualified for the Lung Protocol airdrop reward you should finish the entirety of their recorded internet based life errands and present your subtleties on their official Telegram bot. Lung Protocol (L2P) is an ERC20 token sort based on the Ethereum stage with a complete flexibly of 75,000,000 L2P tokens.

1- Join on Telegram Group 300 L2P
2- Join on Telegram Channel 300 L2P
3- Follow on Twitter  300 L2P
4- Like and retweet their pinned tweet on Twitter 300 L2P
5- Follow on Medium  300 L2P
6- Like on Facebook 300 L2P
7- Submit your details & your ERC20 wallet in the Telegram bot 311 L2P

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The Lung Protocol (L2P) venture offers simple route for merchants to make their own customer facing facade where they can sell their items with a little charge, it is likewise interfacing dealers and purchasers around the world. The Lung Protocol venture is perfect for independently employed, entreprenuers, little scope producers, privately-run company and carefully assembled makes.

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