PointPay PXP tokens Airdrop

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Required tools:
To receive 300 PXP tokens you have to do:

1- Sign up in the PointPay ecosystem: and move to PointPay Crypto Exchange

2- Subscribe our chats in Telegram and leave any comment you want: and

3- Subscribe PointPay YouTube channel:

4- Subscribe PointPay group in Facebook:

5- Subscribe PointPay twitter:

6- Subscribe to PointPay Medium page:

7- Fulfill Google form below to receive your 300 PXP tokens (usually it takes 24 hours to check your information):   Complete Google form

More about PointPay PXP tokens

PointPay is all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem centered around PointPay token as the main payment tool. It includes working PointPay Crypto Exchange and PointPay Crypto Wallet with PointPay Crypto Bank and PointPay Online Payment System for merchants in development process. Early adopters will receive the best rates

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