Dukascoin (DUK+) Airdrop

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Required tools:
Dukascopy Bank is airdropping 5 DUK+ to their new clients opening retail banking MCA accounts. Download the Dukascopy Connect 911 app, submit your details to the registration form and complete the video identification to receive 5 DUK+ tokens. Also get 5 DUK+ for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1- Download the Dukascopy Connect 911 app for Android/IOS.
2- Enter your phone number and submit the verification code.
3- Enter the following referral code: QX4WC7
4- Click on the “Bank” icon.
5- Fill the registration form.
6- Complete video verification with their support team.
7- You can now see a balance of 5 DUK+ in your mobile app.
8- Also earn 5 DUK+ for every referral.
9- You are able to see your referral code in the app settings after your account has been activated.

More about Dukascoin (DUK+)

Dukascoin is the first worldwide cryptocurrency issued by a regulated Swiss Bank. The Dukascoin, designed as a crypto means of payment, is minted in limited quantity to serve as both payment and speculation.

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